Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Well, God Gave the Tutta Rican's the Good Looks

This was taken this winter

Several years ago at Branson...So Cute!

Dad & Son

Father's Day morning my son came in with his card for J. He had his usual morning clothing on...nothing but a pair of silky shorts. (and hopefully some underwear) J's grandfather is a full blood Puerto Rican and we always say Eli got his tan from his grandpa. He stays brown all winter long and gets very dark in the summer, even with all the sunscreen I apply. J admiringly said, son I will trade you your tan skin for my white skin. Eli looked lovingly at his dad, and said very sincerely, "Well, dad, God made me this way, He gave me the good looks, and He made you good at everything else, that is why you always beat me at all our games." I about fell off the bed laughing.

Several months ago, during the winter, someone commented on Eli's tan skin. He replied with full knowledge and his best Hispanic accent, "That's because I am a Tutta Rican!" All this time when we were calling him a Puerto Rican he thought we were saying Tutta Rican. We have had a lot of laughs with our little Tutta Rican!

Have a great Wednesday!
Heather Kay


  1. LOL That is so adorable! Yep that JD, he's got good game. Guess God has to split up the good stuff somehow. ;-)

  2. I wondered why J. was so good at baseball, now I know, he just ain't good lookin'

  3. Thanks for all the love folks! I see the Lord has blessed you guys with the gift of encouragement!! Gotta go work on my golf game in front of the mirror now!

  4. Love these pics...especially the hat. I am so behind on my reading! Did I mention I love your new page design and colors?? Kat