Monday, June 29, 2009

Try It, You'll Like It....Maybe

I am one of those people who love to try new foods. I do not like being stuck in any food ruts. Even on a budget, I scour my cookbooks for new dishes to make. Also, when at a potluck I will typically put a bite or two of every dish I see that I DON'T recognize on my plate. Who cares about the fried chicken and homemade mashed potatoes that everyone fights over. I am there to discover something new!

At one of our churches we had a Laotian group who used our building for their church on Sunday afternoons. J & I, being the pastor and wife, were invited to their potluck dinners for special occasions. J would look carefully for ANYTHING he could recognize and only eat a very small portion of it. I, on the other hand, sampled it all. I do not know what all I ate, but I LOVED it!

I am going to have a label called, try it you'll like it, for foods that I try that I really enjoy. Today I am featuring the Crenshaw melon. Oh, how I love this is like a Cantaloupe taken to the next level! They are very sweet & juicy. They are in season and on sale at my local Wal-Mart.

Have you ever tried this melon? What are your favorite summer fruits? I'd love some new ideas!

Heather Kay


  1. OK. I love melons. My whole gang does. They will eat an entire watermelon in one sitting. I buy 8 or 10 cantaloupes at a time. In a matter of days they are all gone.

    It is that a man trait? My hubby is the same way...finds what he likes and eats it. I find the new things and taste them...may not like them...but love to try them. I am always trying out new recipes. Although, my hubby made a rule that I couldn't try new recipes when we were having doesn't always work out, eh???

    I don't think I have ever met a fruit I didn't like. If I had to narrow it down...I would say berries and cherries. They are such a treat where we live. You can buy them year round but they are only good when you get them in season. Except strawberries (which we can pick for about a month) there is a very short season for each around here and if the weather conditions aren't just right they may not be good anwyway.

  2. I love crenshaws and also that Jaun something or other....