Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday, Monday

I have had a wonderful two weeks with my dad. As I posted we spent a lot of time hiking. We went to Roaring River State Park in Missouri on Thursday and it was my favorite of all of the spots we had been. J and I plan to go as a family as soon as possible. The pictures above were taken there. As you can see the trail had lots of places for the kiddo's to climb, crawl, and just get dirty.

The kids and I finished school right before I left for Virginia so these last couple of weeks were a great kick off for the summer. I am a person who likes having a plan and trying to stick to it. Right now I have so much in limbo with my life that I feel a little discombobulated. (a favorite word of my dad)

Here are some updates for you.

My niece is doing wonderful! My FIL just got email and we will be able to keep in touch with him through that. The girl(she's 23 now) with the three children has been put in jail for abuse and allowing abuse. The grandmother of these children is trying to place them with relatives to get them out of state control. According to her the kids are able to be adopted after a certain amount of time as foster kids and she is wanting her daughter to eventually have them back. I can not even guess what would be best for them, so, I am just praying that God will have His perfect will for them. This cycle of abuse runs deep and I am praying that it will be stopped here.

We are still praying for God's will for us in a ministry situation. We are hoping to know more this week about that. I am meeting with a dear friend of mine this week. He is 90 and has had a specialty store here in town for many years. He wants me to liquidate it for him on Ebay. I feel excited and a little overwhelmed at the possibilty. The store is full of collectible glass and I think it will be quite a challenge! More on that later.

It is so fun to travel and have others come for a visit! Then it is great to settle back in to home. That is what I will be doing today. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

Heather Kay

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  1. HK,

    Glad to see you back. And happy to know you had such a sweet time with your dad. Pray is what we will do for all these difficult situations in your life right now.

    Happy Monday!