Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blessed Beyond Measure

I have been a really pitiful blogger lately. I so enjoy reading others blog's and I wanted to give back, but, I find myself sorely lacking! My week of doing "nothing" has been interesting. Monday, "nothing" found me taking my daughter shopping for a bathing suit and some summer tops. Tuesday, "nothing" found me allowing my daughter to have a friend spend the night. Wednesday, "n" found me delivering said friend back after lunch. Then J and I went to pick up his paycheck and get some much needed groceries.

Well, when we picked up his paycheck it was $800.00 short of what we expected. I don't know about you, but that made us reconsider eating this week. So, instead of grocery shopping we came back home and sat in our room for a couple hours going over budgets and such and trying to figure out a plan to make it through this month. Then, when I went to get a much needed drink of Diet Dr. Pepper, I found that our fridge was not working. After cleaning out liquid ice cream and throwing away basically everything else out of the freezer, I was ready to put that day to bed. The problem was it was only 6:30. The fridge repair guy is coming at noon today and we will see if the problem is covered by warranty. (praying about that one)

When J and I were about to pray last night we were talking about how blessed we are. Yes, yesterday was a terrible day and our attitudes were not what they should have been all day. However, when we laid our heads on our comfortable, clean, king sized bed, in our comfortable, air conditioned, beautiful house, we are blessed beyond measure! Also, PTL that we did not get groceries only to have no place to put the cold stuff!!

Count your blessings!
Heather Kay


  1. Good groceries means not needing a place to find them when the fridge is broken, I mean. Thanks for the reminder about keeping a right attitude. I have had one of those weeks... feeling a little sorry for myself bad attitude... weeks I mean. When what do I really have to feel sorry for myself about???

    Hope all works out quickly and cheaply with the refridgerator.

  2. I'm impressed with your attitude. I need to be more grateful. Thanks.

  3. Hey,
    Sorry I haven't been on here in a while. Got fed up with my SLOOW laptop. Way to have a good Fridge Half Empty therefore Glass Half Full kind of attitude. LOL

  4. Hi, If you call me and ask for prayer, I promise not to feel guilty about having no money to help, plus I'll pray.

  5. Hello pitiful blogger. :-D