Monday, May 18, 2009

Leaving On A Jet Plane

It is so good to be back home. Last week was such a hectic week. It started with a phone call from the mother of a former youth student of mine. This girl has had many tragic things happen to her in her life. She now has 3 children and made the bad choice to expose them to drugs and abuse. Those 3 precious children were taken away last week and I have been involved in many phone calls and just overall stress with that situation. Please pray for wisdom for J and I as we try to discern just how involved God wants us to be in this situation.

Then, J & I flew into Richmond, Virginia, on Thursday for my mother-in-laws birthday. We were supposed to stay with her two nights and then go over to Dumfries to be with my father-in-law one night, then fly home. My in-laws are unsaved and we have been praying about being witnesses to them while we were there. At my MIL's party there were no opportunities to witness. We were basically the only sober ones there. However, the Lord allowed us to be a light in those circumstances. J's brother had a phone call during the party that his daughter was very ill and being taken into the hospital. She had a serious attack on her body from having strep throat. Her blood pressure was sky high and her kidney's were shutting down. We were able to join hands with J's brother and sister and pray for our niece. J's bro. decided he needed to go back to our FIL's house to be closer to the D.C. airport so that he could get out the fastest possible. When we were saying goodbye my MIL asked J to gather the family and pray. We stood in a large circle and J did pray for my niece and he also thanked the Lord for His love for us sending His Son to die for us, etc. So, J was able to witness to the crowd through his prayer.

We drove the hour over to Dumfries and visited while we looked for a ticket for J's bro. It was 3 am when J took him to the airport. (My niece is now stable, she will be in the hospital for a few days and the Dr.'s are hopeful that she will have no permanent damage from this.) We are both running very low on sleep at this point of our "vacation". We had a wonderful day with J's dad and his side of the family. J's dad (John) is very ill with Celiac disease. He has always struggled with health issues but this Celiac has hit him hard. He has lost 80 pounds since the last time we saw him. We were both so burdened for him and his salvation. On Saturday night we shared the gospel with him and I shared my testimony. He listened carefully and had some questions, but was not ready to make a committment to the Lord. Please pray for John!

We arrived safely home last night and it was so wonderful to sleep in our own bed. J & I have a couple of large decisions to make for our family in the coming weeks and months and I will share information as I am able. I know that I have made a few requests in this post so if you a sister/bro in Christ and are willing to pray here are my requests.

Discernment in decisions with 3 children
Niece for complete healing
FIL healing and salvation
Discernment in other decisions

Thank you!

Heather Kay


  1. HK...You were so on my heart the last I know why. It is ironic that you were less than an hour from my home...It seems your plate is very full...we have known the burden of lost family (both sets of our parents and my step mother are all lost)...and seen the damage that drugs can bring into lives...we will be praying. CP