Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Recap

Friday- My sister(Leah) called and her son wanted mine to come over for the day. I took her up on that! So it was just my daughter and I for Easter shopping. Bubba is a very good boy, but he does despise the whole fitting room with mom and sis thing. He was thrilled to get out of the shopping experience.

Doodle and I went to lunch and then we started at Kohl's. She is 11 and the choices seem to be cocktail dresses or "little girl" dresses. Because we are on a limited budget, I told her to look for a nice dress that she could also wear all summer. We walked into the girls section and immediately her eyes landed on the dress of her dreams. It is mainly a variety of blue's with a white jacket attached. Attached!! I love that! I do not like to much skin hanging out and I hate fighting the keep your sweater on battle. So this looked like it was going to be the dress. How anti-climactic! Within 15 minutes of starting shopping she had the dress. (Thank you Lord for the extra 30% off coupon.)

We went over to JC Penney's and Target and they didn't have anything that compared to the dress-o-dreams. We stopped by Payless and wonderful miracle we got her shoes on sale and they are even age appropriate. This is no easy fete as she wears a ladies size 8. We had a great day and I was was worn out by the time it was over. (We also got groceries at Aldi and W-Mart)

Saturday- Leah and I took the boys garage saling. We are both in desperate need of new furniture. I found two very nice end tables for $10 a piece. I also hit the jackpot for Doodle's summer wardrobe. At our last stop a lady was putting away her sale. She had a only grandchild who apparantely loved brand name clothes and then didn't wear them. She had high for garage sale prices on everything. $2 a shirt, $5 a dress. They were well worth that but I am a bargain shopper and normally do not even bother to look at those sales, unless I am looking for something specific. Well she was in a dealing mood. I left there with 9 new t shirts, capris, shorts, and jeans for $5.00!!!

When I got home I cleaned house, cooked dinner and watched basketball. Go Michigan St.! I am not usually a fan of them, but J and I do not like North Carolina. (He is a Duke fan in BBall)

Sunday- I did not get a good night sleep Saturday night and when the alarm went off I did not want to get up and go to church. I really struggled making myself. It was so worth the effort!!
Sunday School was wonderful, as usual. Our worship service was out of this world good. The music was so touching as we sang of Christ death. Our pastor gave a wonderful message of the cross and many went forward at the invitation. The Holy Spirit was definitely working among us yesterday. Last night we observed the Lord's Supper. I love being beside J, praying together, making sure our sins are confessed up, being open before our Lord together. It is such an intimate time.

Overall a great weekend! Now, I have a lot of catching up to do. Laundry, dishes, etc. etc.

Have a wonderful Monday,
Heather Kay


  1. I had a blast going garage saleing Saturday! We need to do that more often. I wish I hadn't been a ding-a-ling and (accidentally) ordered those baseball tickets for Easter. Oh well, just make sure you get pics of the family dressed up for Jesus.

  2. Heather Kay~

    I just wanted to let you know that I spent Friday afternoon catching up on your story and reading all your blog entries. I was in a low place having some marriage issues and your story really impacted me. It was a blessing to see someone be so transparent. May God bless you as continue to write this blog for His glory.