Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Romance...The Birds and the....

Thank you all for your prayers and comments yesterday. I had a good day. I cleaned around the house and cleaned the garage. The garage was a huge project that took me 2 hours but it was so nice to have all that extra room after the garage sale. We sold a ping pong table and a few other big items that had been taking up a lot of space. Quick tip...I actually learned this from an interview with Heather Locklear once. When you get your garage to the point of sweeping, if you have a leaf blower, just start at the back and blow all of the stuff out of your garage. It is a wonderful time saver and looks better than any sweeping job!

J and I took our walk last night and had a nice evening. We prayed as usual before bed, I prayed myself back to sleep as usual at 3:30. We have a spoiled Pomeranian who needs to go "outside" about that time and I got up with her. Then I had a nightmare. I am so tired of these nightmares. I know that the root issue is conquering the bad thoughts from the past during the day. I also know how to do that, sometimes I am just so WEAK!!!

Now for the romance, I know you have to be wondering!

I have never been impressed with "typical romance". I love flowers, but not necessarily in a vase. I'm not impressed with an overpriced box of chocolates or a fancy dinner. Actually my favorite date is when J and I split a sub from Subway and walk our outside mall or Best Buy, or Kohl's, and just enjoy each other. J often leaves me a note on paper that has been ripped off a grocery list or an old envelope. These notes are romance. Above all of that the most romantic thing he does for me is to pray for me. This morning he asked me if there was anything he could do for me. I said no. He then replied, "let me pray for you", he took my hand and he poured his heart out to our great God. He asked Him to let me see the truth of his love for me. He asked Him to comfort my heart today. This is romance. This is what makes me feel like Cinderella.

Now for the birds and the bees.

I don't have any bees but I do have birds a plenty! I love to feed hummingbirds. I have been feeding them for many years now. I am one of those complete nut cases with hummingbirds swarming my house. I have had people stop their cars to watch them come July when they are the most plentiful. They are back early this year. In our area they usually show up in mid May. This will mean buying a bit of extra sugar this year. The photo's of the hummers below were taken this morning. The barn swallow in the nest was taken the other day. That is my front porch and I think/hope it will be a fun experience to have them coming and going this nesting season.

God has always spoke to me through the majesty of His creation. Many times I will see a bird or animal while I am driving, that others may have missed, and I just stop to thank the Lord for it. This morning, shortly after I awoke and sat in my chair, two Baltimore Oriole's landed on my hummingbird feeders. They are beautiful birds! Seeing them was a gift from the Lord to brighten my day. It was awesome!

Barn Swallow On Nest

Female Ruby Throat

Male Ruby Throat
I know the pic's are not the best quality, they were taken through my front window.

Here's to a Blessed Tuesday!

Heather Kay


  1. HK...So pleased you are feeling better. Seems like everyone is in Spring cleaning mode. I too love birds and work to attract the hummers. Ours won't be here for awhile yet. We have two that come back every year for the last 5 or so. (At least they look like the same two). My son named the brown one, Violet and the green one Towel. Don't ask me where he got those names from but any two that come to our feeders who happen to look like them will forever be called Towel and Violet. I love to rise very early on Summer mornings and sit on my deck and talk to the Lord and watch them come to feed and fly back to the tree where they make their home. Ahhh...Happy Spring Tuesday to you!

  2. I didn't have time to write earlier but wanted to comment on your idea of romance. It is so funny that we think so much alike. I intended to write about something very similar yesterday but spent the day studying for my exam and was just too tired when I got home at 11:30 last night to formulate a whole thought. So I ditto your thoughts on romance and for more details check out my post, hopefully later today. I remember a few years ago, when we had 5 children (3 of them under 4 and I was simply exhausted and not feeling well...looking at my husband one day and saying something to the effect of...if you really want to show me how much you love me and impress me go out to the kitchen and make me a glass of fresh carrot juice. A person's idea of romance is definitely carved by their circumstances at the time and your walk with the Lord. True, flowers are nice and I love good coffee and chocolate but most days, I am with you...hold my hand in church while we sing praises to our mighty father or go before the throne of God in prayer for me and with me. Nothing is more romantic than that. I LOVE when we read the Bible together. Sometimes while I take my bath at night my husband will read to me or he will rub my feet while I read to him. Now that is ROMANTIC!