Thursday, April 16, 2009


I need help from my readers. I am not sure what to do with my blog? I really want it to be a ministry to those who have suffered the hurt of affairs, or to help prevent that devastation. Now that I have wrote the story, I am not sure if I should just open another blog for daily life? If I did that I am not sure how people would find this blog, I'm assuming most of you found it through comments that I have left or Big Mama's Fashion Friday's.

I am not an expert at anything, however, I love to give advice and know a little about a lot. So, from here on out my blog will probably look like this. Monday's a weekend recap, Tuesday's a "verse from the fridge", Wednesdays J's day off, Thursday's a recipe or cleaning advice, Friday's fashion Friday, weekends off. What do you think? Should I just continue on with this blog? Does this even sound like a blog you would want to read? Please be honest! As you know it is time consuming to keep a blog up and I want to do it well.

Yesterday, I started to write a verse from the fridge post, and all of a sudden everyone in the house woke up and needed breakfast, so I never got back to it. The verse(s) I saw when I walked into my kitchen yesterday were:

Ephesians 3:20-21
"Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding, abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that worketh in us, unto Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end."

I have claimed these verses for many years now. When I go to the Lord with a problem that is way out of my reach I always go back to these verses. I love the way the Lord works...yesterday, J's day off, we took the kids hiking to a beautiful park that is about an hour and a half from our house. We decided to do our family devotions on our way. (J has the Bible on his iPhone and I was driving) He pulled out his "Bible" and asked what he should read. I told him we were still doing the tabernacle artifacts so to do something from the New Testament. (I like the kids to see the pictures of what we are reading) Where does he turn?! Ephesians 3 he read the whole chapter and then zeroed in on verses 20-21!! Isn't the Lord wonderful!! He talked with the kids about all the things God can do and how He always does it bigger than we ask or think! We had a wonderful day, we brought a picnic lunch, hiked a trail complete with a cave and bats, took many pictures and even had a war wound. My son loves to run ahead and stumbled on a rock and bloodied his knee. He was brave and finished the trail on his own feet and even ran the last leg of it. I am a firm believer of "getting back on the horse".

God gave us an exceedingly, abundantly more beautiful day than we asked or thought!

Heather Kay


  1. I think you don't need a plan! :)
    Just be you. Share YOUR LIFE! People will love you for it! :) H

  2. HK- It is lovely that you are so dedicated to make it for HIS glory. In that case why not simply ask HIM what to do and let the Lord be the one to lay the words on your heart? Although, it might be good to perhaps invite others to share their stories of healing? Even, to have a compilation of good resources? Scriptures on how to build a good marriage? Even books on being the wife we need to be? Lots of ways to go. He will tell you what to do! CP

  3. I think you should continue on as you are. Tell us what's going on in your life and throw in the random verse that's helping you and let us know when you have a bad day and how you coped with it. Stuff like that.
    Me and little May are looking forward to playing nurse to Doodle tomorrow.

  4. I'm with the others, leave it as it is. My current blog started out as a chronicle of our transition to a new city, but now it is just us. Mainly me. LOL!! I slightly modified my 'About Me' to cover that. There is also a way to add a tab to your blog so you can have a special section just for that.

    So glad you found me again!! Thanks for commenting!