Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter, To Dress or Not?

I love Easter. I love the excitement at church, celebrating Jesus' resurrection, singing Up From the Grave He Arose, seeing the ladies who still dare to wear a hat, (in my area very rare) the spring blooms, the little girls and boys dressed fine with chocolate stains and untucked shirts, the longer days. I love Easter!

When I was growing up my Granny always took us shopping for Easter. She felt this was her duty. You see, my mom made the majority of our clothes. She is a wonderful seamstress and we loved the excitement of knowing she was working on something for us. We didn't see our homemade clothes the way some did. Anyway, Granny always bought us a pretty Easter dress and Sunday shoes. These shoes were our church shoes and we had a pair of tennis shoes for everything else.

So, I was raised with the excitement of a new dress and shoes at Easter. This was a big deal to us!! At one of the churches where my husband was pastor my children and I came in decked out in our Easter finery. I had a lady approach me who said...I would never dress up for Easter, it takes away from the meaning, it gets on my nerves these people who only come to church on Easter to show off their new clothes and then don't come back til next year, I make it a point not to wear a new dress on Easter. This dampened my spirits and made me think a bit. Was I focusing on the outer to much? Should I wear an old dress so that I didn't draw the attention to myself?

I had to look into my own heart. Was I celebrating Jesus? Or just another holiday? I decided that it was an outward expression of my inward excitement! I love Jesus and I am excited to wear my best on Easter to celebrate His resurrection. Indeed I am not one of those Easter and Christmas only people. I decided I should celebrate those people, they are hearing the best news of all and one day maybe they will open their hearts and receive the ONE they are unknowingly celebrating.

So today I will take my daughter and son and we will try on fancy clothes and shoes. I will tell them who we are celebrating and why. We will be excited and we will be fancy come Easter morning!

Heather Kay


  1. I completely agree. You were those new clothes for Jesus; He is something worth dressing up special for!!!

  2. I saw your link on Big Mama's blog. I LOVE this take on Easter Clothes! I love that you are making it a special outing to go clothes shopping. I haven't really thought about the fact that we are presenting ourselves for our King. Great post!! Have a great day :)

  3. I always got a new dress for Easter as a child, and my kids get a new dress/shirt every other year or so now. My thoughts are similar to yours. We are celebrating the King. As a Catholic, I believe that every Mass is a wedding banquet. And we dress up for weddings, so why wouldn't we dress up for Jesus? I don't get a new dress every year (we do have five kids who need to eat), but I make a special effort on Easter.
    Continue dressing up and don't worry about what others may think. You know your heart.

  4. I feel like it's a time of celebration. Why not dress up? I love Easter and I love Spring!


  5. I agree, not only on Easter but each Sunday. We put on our nicest clothes as a sign of respect for our Lord. It's about Him and He would want us to enjoy the day!

  6. I agree with both of you. For her, it may have been a problem to dress up on easter, but I don't think she should have said anything to you about it. I know that dressing up my baby girl got alot of attention and I have to admit, sometimes I went to church for the wrong reasons (to hear all the oohs and ahhs about how cute my daughter was). Sure I was going to church to focus on Jesus, so I thought, but really enjoyed the attention we, oops I mean, SHE was getting. I was being prideful in our appearances. There are times and places to talk about these kind of things, and I don't think she made the right choice.