Friday, March 27, 2009

To Preach Or not To Preach

Around the time of my salvation, J.D. & I were driving to the mall one peaceful day. We were talking and he casually said, I think I'm called to preach. I wanted to jump out of the car right then and there. I said "Well I think I'm called to get a divorce." I was just joking...sort of.

My inward response was, okay, this is just not working out. I had followed through with a few things I was against already. I was married, going to church, and saved. What more did God want from me???

I was trying to be supportive of J.D.. Meanwhile I was having a battle big time with God. He did start preaching at our church and he was wonderful. There was no doubt that this is what God wanted him to do. It was the last thing that I wanted for my marriage and children!

I went along with J.D. as he filled in pulpits and we started teaching the Youth Group together. We found out that J (this is what I'll call him from now on as this is what I call him at home) was not very good with teenagers. (well he is great at playing with them, just not so much with the patience to teach them) I, however, had found my calling. I loved working with the teens. I could relate to their rebellion, moods, and struggle for independence. I could get through to them by being real with them, and showing that if God could love and use me, He surely loved them too.

By the time we were married 2 years J was interim preacher for a very small church in the middle of NO WHERE. It was a sweet little church with a creek running beside that they baptized in. There were just a handful of people there and they did not have a nursery worker so I was it. My daughter was about 10 months old and it was just she and I. Most Sundays I would sneak out back with her and walk along that creek while church was going on. i figured I couldn't have heard the message anyway. As you can imagine, I was not growing much in my christian walk during this time. Although I knew I had a relationship with Jesus, I just had not given over most of my life to Him.

This is where I will end today. I apologize for my horrible grammar skills. I am just not sure where all of the comma's go!!

I did get some peaceful sleep last night. Praise the Lord!!

Heather Kay

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