Monday, March 23, 2009


My pastor gave a lesson on redemption last night. It was so fitting for what I am writing about. He said,"When the truth of redemption enters our hearts, sin will leave our lives." He did not mean that we will never sin. Just that when we sin it will be so distasteful to us, when we really understand what Jesus did for us on that cross. That is where I finally was when we pick up this story....

The good thing about being head strong, is that once I am determined to do something, I put my all into it. Shortly after getting back from Florida, I asked one of the ladies in the church to talk with me. I explained to her that I was needing to grow in my christian walk. I needed out of the nursery and also needed more. She set up a nursery program for me. Also, she insisted on keeping Bubba while I went to Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). This changed my life!

Bubba was still sick, he had been to our Dr. and rec'd prescriptions a plenty, but he continued to get the positive clostridium diagnosis. He was somewhere between 1 and 2 when our Dr. recommended we take him to the Children's Hospital in our area. I was scared to do this because of what J had been through with so many tests. I knew that God was asking me to surrender to this though. (This was a really big deal to me) I tried to ignore His leading for a couple of months. Finally, I made that appointment.

J & I took Bubba to the Children's Hospital. The specialist looked over his records, checked his growth, etc. Then he told us that he recommended allergy testing for the pain he was experiencing after eating. Also, that we should not worry about the positive clostridium tests. He had not been having any diarrea or any other problems from the clostridium, just positive tests. I took Bubba to an allergy specialist shortly after getting back. He did have some slight allergies but that was not the answer. This trip was exactly what God wanted to give me. I was scared that the Dr. would order a bunch of tests and maybe even do surgeries to figure out what was wrong. Instead he gave us freedom to quit worrying.

The miracle of this is that God in His mercy healed Bubba. We never did get a negative test. However, the pain he was having after eating completely went away. It is 7 years later and he eats whatever he wants, and often. Praise the Lord!

While we were at that first church, the pastor of our home church left. It was about a year into that pastorate, and we both really felt like God was telling us that J would be called back there to preach. We never told anyone about this. We just prayed and asked God for His will. They had a pastor search committee set up, and it took them a year of searching. They even called another pastor. When this man & his wife went to look at the parsonage they gave them a list of remodels that would have to be done before they would live in it. The church wouldn't do the remodels so they didn't take the church. Funny how God works. Finally, they called J to preach. We were thrilled! Our first little church will always be dear to us. The people there were loving and supported us through our time of medical crisis. Also, they helped by working out many of the kinks of J being a first time pastor.

When we got to FBC it was mountain peak time for both of us. After being in the valley for so long, this mountain was wonderful to sit upon! J was able to quit his WM job and work full time for the church. The church was 2 minutes from the parsonage so for the first time in our marriage he was close to home. The parsonage to me was a dream come true! After being in my very small first home, it had over 1600 sq. ft. with 4 bedrooms. Yes, it was old, and needed a remodel, but I really didn't notice that at first. J had finished his commute to college and was doing the rest of his courses on line. He went from being exhausted and overworked to thrilled with his life.

During that time my love for the Lord just bloomed. Learning to submit to His will in everything was just so peaceful.

More tomorrow!

Heather Kay

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