Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oddi what?

My relationship with the Lord at this point is still at a stand still. I was once again the only nursery worker at our new church. I did teach the youth sunday school class. J watched the nursery while I taught it. So, I was at least preparing a lesson during the week. I didn't really trust God with my circumstances.

When the Dr.'s at the e.r. ruled out his appendix, they were baffled. There was not anything showing up in tests to explain the pain he was in. He saw many Dr.'s, Specialists, and they ran many tests. The bills were piling up, and I had a sick husband who slept most of the time on my hands. (because of the pain medication) I was getting pretty angry at God.

J, through all of this, had this really strong faith. He was willing to trust that God was going to use this for good. His hope was that his family would be saved as a result of it. He even said to me, "If I die and one of my family members get saved it is worth it." I'm thinking, that's wonderful, but not if you happen to be the one who is going to be left behind with the bills and two kids.

As mysteriously as the pain started, it just went away one day. J went back to work and things were looking up. I was getting ever more pregnant, and I was glad that he was able to help me around the house, and with Doodle again. A few weeks go by, and one night, while putting together our new bed, I noticed a wince go across his face. Sure enough, the pain was back.

It was close to Christmas and we were going to see our parents. J's mom worked for a neurologist, and through him, found a specialist for us to see. The day we got on the plane J was in a lot of pain. He was taking the pain med's and I, at 7 mos. pregnant, had to deal with carrying Doodle, and all of the stuff that went with her. I was so frustrated, and feeling sorry for myself.

When we got off the plane in Florida we took J straight to the E.R. He was put through many more tests. He saw many more specialists, and still no answer. The main Dr. decided that he just wanted the pain killers and actually discounted that he was in pain. We had a horrible experience with the Dr.'s and the hospital staff while we were down there.

During all of this, I am feeling more and more sorry for myself. I should be getting attention and taken care of. Instead, I am now wife, mother, maid, and NURSE. God was trying to me bring me to a point where I would see that He is in control. He wanted me to be able to pray, Your will be done, and mean it. As I have said, I am not an easy one to break.

Once back home, we went back to our regular family Dr.. We had so many people praying for us by this time. Our Dr. had an idea, he said it was a really long shot, but after all we had been through it was worth checking out. He sent us to yet another specialist. This specialist agreed with our Dr. (that it was a long shot) and J was set up to have an electric needle ran down his esophagus into his stomach. This was the 1st of February.

Hallelujah! It was Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction. I know!! What?!

A very small bile duct between his liver and pancreas was blocked. With the electric needle they opened it up. He should be fine. There was a snow storm coming in, and after doing the blood test to make sure he did not have pancreatitis, they sent us home. Guess what? He had pancreatitis! By the time we got home we knew we needed to get him back to the hospital. However, we live 35 minutes from that hospital, and the snow made the roads too bad for me to drive there. We would have to settle for our small hometown hospital.

J only thought he was in pain before. Apparantely there are few things more painful than pancreatitis. He was in the hospital another week. When he finally came home, I was one month from my due date.

However, two weeks later, while at the Dr. for yet another ultrasound, the Dr. discovered that I was in labor. They said the baby was going to be well over 9 lbs. and I needed to have a c section. I had trouble having Doodle, so this was the best option. I was sent over to the hospital, and Bubba was born 2 weeks early weighing in at 10' 10". Imagine if I had gone to my due date!

Tomorrow: Bubba's illness, medical bills, J's car accident, and I finally submit my will to God.

Heather Kay

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  1. More, more, I can't wait to hear how this turns out.