Sunday, March 29, 2009

Moving On

My sister, 4yr old nephew, and I moved away. I was traveling for Wal-Mart and this is when I realized two things.
1. Although I had been raised in church and in christian schools I never had anything real happen there.
2. I was really lonely.

I went a little crazy for a few months. I was traveling with a few people who really liked to drink/party and I just joined right in. I was miserable! J.D. and I talked often and I continued to try to push my feelings for him away. About 6 months after my move I knew that I would be making a big mistake if I let him get away.

I was able to get assigned a job in Florida for a couple months and we pursued our relationship. In June he moved up to be with me. I was still traveling and he got a job at a warehouse. As God would have it the man who trained him immediately started witnessing to him. J.D. had not been raised in church. His background is Catholic without actually attending mass or anything. He says "backsliding catholics". This was exactly what he was searching for and knew it right away.
This scared me more than a little. I had been hurt by more than one man I looked up to at church and I was not interested.

I am sorry these posts are so long. There is so much of this that has led to where I am I just have to share it. If any one is reading stick in there! There's some really good stuff to come.

Heather Kay

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