Wednesday, March 11, 2009


J and I sat down about a week ago and talked about my motivation for writing this blog. I have really been thinking about that this week. You see, I know that if I wrote this anonymously, anyone who knows me or J would know it was us anyway. So, basically the people I would not want to recognize me, would anyway. (family & friends when you find this please come out and let me know) (for now only J knows I'm doing this)

The last year and a half, while healing from the devastation in our marriage, we have been attending a large church. It was the perfect place for us to go and blend in with the crowd. We did not immediately get asked to teach classes or lead anything. This was very important. Now, we are both feeling God leading us to more.

I really feel led to help others who have been through the pain of adultery. Shortly after the affair, I was searching for help online. I wanted to hear a story like mine, that we could work it out, and my marriage could be saved. I could not find anything. As I have shared I am a private person so for me, going to someone in our new church was out.
(I did read a blog post that led to a private email from someone who was a big know who you are and thank you!)

Before I go any further with my story, I just wanted to share the motivation behind this blog. It is not just to hear myself talk, or to get some kind of skewed revenge. I really hope that God will use our story for His glory. He has taught me so much and I really hope to be a help to others.

Heather Kay

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