Friday, March 13, 2009

The Job

J started looking in earnest for a job the first week of October. He searched through the paper, job magazines, and the internet. There were A LOT of jobs in our area. He put in MANY resumes and did not get any calls. Well, he did get calls from a couple of jobs where you pay yourself through "training" like insurance, or other commission based jobs with no guarantee of salary.

At first this was not a big deal. We continued to pray everyday that God would put J in a position that would pay the bills and I could stay home with the kids and finish out the year home schooling. (I felt very strongly that God wanted me to be home this year)

As the weeks went by and our reserve dwindled it became very difficult for both of us. J became very discouraged. He began to talk with his brother about a job possibility in Minnesota. This was exciting to him for a variety of reasons. It would give us a new place to start over, the job would support us, and he's naturally drawn to change. I was more opposed to this than any of the other moves we had ever made. I was back "home" where I had a support system. After an argument one day we went to Bro. R.E. for some counseling. We just could not resolve this issue.

Bro. R.E. was such a big help. He helped us both see the others point of view. When we left we agreed to continue to pursue options here at home. We also had a deadline that we would move to Minnesota after Christmas if J had not found a job.

Our house had been up for sale this whole time. We had a few people seem interested but no one went through with buying it. As Christmas drew near it was time to face the fact that we were going to be moving. In the months that J had been looking for a job he had two interviews and neither of them resulted in a job. My family was very opposed to this move. (They were opposed to the move to the last church also, this gave them more fuel against J this time) Isn't it funny that even though we may not fully support our spouses decisions sometimes, when our family jumps in against them, then we dig in our spouses side. After typing that I realized that it may just be my rebellious nature and not yours. Anyway that is what I did. I went to bat for J and our decision to move. Meanwhile the house had not sold and I was begging God for a way out.

I had not unpacked everything. The sad thing is that my house had never even had a picture hung in it. Shortly after we first moved in, we moved out. Now we were back but not settled still.
We packed everything back up. My parents were coming for Christmas and it would be a very hard one for all of us.

We were about 3 weeks away from moving. On a Wednesday night we were headed to church and had to drop off movies on the way. This is significant because where we live we drive through a dead area for cell phones on our way to church. Instead when the wiring on my car caught fire we were in town still. Praise the Lord. This was very out of the blue. This car was fairly new and had never been a problem. We called the dealership and they came and towed it the next day. They have a dealership in our hometown and then a larger one in a sister town. They took it to the hometown dealership and kept it there about a week. When we called to check on it they said they were taking it to the other service department to fix.

We had bought it there because the owner and management are Christians and friends of ours. When J went in to pick it up he sat down with the President of the company. (our christian friend)(G) and told him about our upcoming move. G offered him a job right then. He said he could start the second week of January. Although we were both prepared to move, we were prepared for God to leave us at home too. It turns out that this was the week before Christmas.

When J came home and talked to me about it I was so overcome with emotions. God was showing me His loving kindness again! We took the for sale sign from in front of our house and wrapped it. We took it to my sister's house and with the whole family there we gave it to her. My whole family was weeping with joy. We did not have much for Christmas that year but the gift of not moving was the best we could have received. The kids will still tell you it was their best gift.

Psalm 23:1-2,3A
The Lord is my shepherd: I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul!!

Heather Kay

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