Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Honor Roll Field Trip

In 1984 I was 14 turning 15. (Yes, I will be 40 this year) I was still in Michigan. At my school we had A level field trips on Fridays, once or twice a month. It was field trip day and all I had to do to earn the privilege of going on this trip was have my flag answered and score one last thing. We had teachers called monitors that went around the room and answered questions, allowed us to leave our seats to go score our work, or go to the restroom.

I was not a favorite of the monitor in charge at the time. My flag had been up for some time and I desperately wanted to go on this field trip. You see, there was a guy I had a crush on going and I wanted some extra time with him. I knew I deserved to go on the trip. All I needed to do was score one last thing. However, she would not come over to my desk. So I stole the A level card of the kid who sat next to me. When they called for the field trip, I just went out and got on that bus.

I did not have much guilt about this because I reasoned it was my right to go anyway. Now I was supposed to spend the night at my best friends house and I was not going to risk telling my mom (who worked at the school) about it in case she saw it differently, and I was not allowed to spend the night. So when the teachers confronted me I lied. I made up a big story and lied my way out of school that day. Well my best friends mom was a teacher there too. I was afraid if we stayed after school very long my lies would catch up with me. I suggested to my friend that we walk to her house saying it would be fun. She lived 9 miles from the school. Our mom's gave us permission and off we went. As the miles went by it went from fun to exhausting. Now my guilty conscience was catching up with me. That was one miserable night.

It was a miserable weekend actually. My lies had not caught up with me, but I knew they would. Monday was the day. As the teachers and principle got together with my story they realized I had lied to all of them. I had a "long talk" with the principle that resulted in an eight hour detention. Then when I got home I had a time of my dad "not sparing the rod". You know "spare the rod, spoil the child." My dad was usually a softy, but not this time. Then he grounded me from my most loved thing...Youth Group...for the whole summer. Now this was huge for me. I was very social and thrived on my time with my peers. Also, this was the year of the Detroit Tigers. The year they won the World Series! My youth group was going to a game! I had to miss it! That summer of sitting at home cured me. I am not saying that I have never told a lie since then. Yeah right! However, my habitual lying stopped. It just wasn't worth it anymore.

We moved to Florida at the end of that summer.

This was just another peek at what God was dealing with when He got a hold of me!

Heather Kay

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  1. Sounds like we could have been separated at birth...except I'm 10 years older. I too, at that age, had a horrible problem with the truth. But when I really looked at myself and what I was doing I changed.

    I loved youth group too.