Thursday, March 26, 2009

Did We Stay At the Church by the Creek?

J & I were at the little church by the creek about 4 months. I loved it there. I was very comfortable with the people, but most of all, I was comfortable with my slow growing walk with the Lord.

J had told them we would serve until a certain date and we were expecting to just quietly go back to our home church after that. One day the person who was kind've in charge came up and told J that they had voted him in as their pastor. Imagine our surprise! They had never even asked him to be their pastor! I honestly didn't want to leave. I could see being at that little church forever, raising my kiddo's by the creek. There was not a lot of pressure to be the perfect pastor's wife there.

We did go back to our home church. We remained the youth leaders and settled back in for a few months. My daughter and I went to Florida for a few weeks that summer. My ticket then took us to Virginia, where we met up with J, for a vacation with his fathers side of the family. Well, I never thought of packing birth control. Once again, it only took once to get pregnant.

About the time I found out I was pregnant, J was called to pastor our first church. It was a small church of about 30 people. They could not afford to pay much so J had to keep his full time job also.

Side note: When I had our daughter, I had every intention of going back to my well paying job at WM. After getting to bond with her those first weeks, I just could not leave her. I was blessed to have worked for WM for 9 years at that point. I rec'd a check from profit sharing that was enough to completely pay off our extra debt. We lived very simply in a 900 square ft. home, but we were happy. I also babysat and cleaned for another lady for awhile to help get us through.

Side note II: It's occurred to me that I need to name my children for the blog. I am just going to call them their nicknames here. My girl will be Doodle & my boy is Bubba. (for bubbalicious) We are not hicks but he was 10' 10" when he was born, and the dr. put a sign on his little bed that said "call me bubba". I called him bubbalicious, for my favorite gum, for quite a while.

Okay, so J was working 40 hours a week at WM, preaching 3 sermons a week, and going to college. I was about to have my first time of refining from the Lord. I was having a very difficult pregnancy. When we had the first ultrasound the Dr. was concerned about Down's Syndrome because of the size of my son's head. I was extremely uncomfortable those months and worried about my little guy. I also had gall bladder trouble during that pregnancy. My doodle has always been strong willed. (like her mom) At 4 months old I was already reading books for high need/strong willed children. She was not an easy baby.

Then the bomb dropped. J called me between work & college one evening to tell me that he was having severe stomach pain. He thought it was his appendix. He went to the hospital and they ruled out his appendix. However, he was still in pain. The rest of my pregnancy and J's illness is a long story. I will finish it tomorrow.

Heather Kay


  1. Theresa,
    Thanks for sticking in there with my long story. I went to your blog and read some of your archives. You are right, we do have a lot in common. I really enjoy your writing and wit!
    Hope you have a great Tuesday!