Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Day Off

It's J's day off today. (Yes he does currently have a job) :) I have been trying to catch up the house work and he is mowing and spraying the weeds in the lawn. The kids are showered and have their chores done, so we are starting to get back to normal after all of the hullabaloo of this last week. It is always craziness when all of the cousins are together for days at a time. My sis lives within a mile of me and she homeschools her two younger kids so we are together often. Usually it's just a hour or two in the afternoon after school and chores. So this week has been a definite change.

We had a great week off. We really didn't do a whole lot. We went to the movies, the park, the mall, a used book store. Just fun short trips without a lot of stress or money spent. Today if it gets warm enough J & I are going to take the kiddo's to my favorite hiking spot. There is a waterfall tucked back about half way through the hike. We also have geocached there. Have any of you heard of geocaching? If not you should check it out. It is a really fun family activity that encourages you to get outside!

I just thought I would post this real quick. I will continue the story of J's job tomorrow.

Heather Kay

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