Monday, March 30, 2009

Background the Third

A few years go by of working and dating but guarding my heart. My family moves into a new neighborhood of condo's and there is a pool right outside our front door. Being a Michigan girl my opportunities to swim were few and far between, however, I loved it with a passion. This was a dream come true!
The first week we were there I was swimming at the pool and a guy comes by walking his dog. He was friendly and I asked if he would like to join me swimming. He said no the Cubs were on. I thought ok, whatever. During the next weeks I got to know J.D., I found out that he was a sports nut and a great friend. I also found out that he was about 6 years younger than I originally thought that day I asked him for a swim. Making me almost 8 years older than him.
We became fast friends. We both had other dating relationships but did everything together. This went on for a couple of years. I continued to pursue my career with Wal-Mart and he kept playing baseball and going to high school. I lived in C 2 and he lived in E 1 at the condo's we could see each other across the parking lot.
His senior year I began to realize I had feelings for him. This was not part of my plans! I was offered a job opportunity to move 1200 miles away. I talked to my sister who really needed to get away from a bad relationship with her boys father and asked if she would come away with me. I was 25 and had only been away from home that one semester while at college. My sister agreed and we packed up our things. (and a few of our parents things too) :)
More tomorrow!

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