Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Background Part Two

Two years later at the age of 15 my father was laid off at his job. The pastor and his family and another family close to my parents had moved to Florida. My father had a job opportunity there and off we went. Now I was a Michigan girl of the 80's and as you know style is on the coasts. I went from being very popular at my small school to being a total geek with neon shoe laces in 10th grade. However I was young and pretty so the boys were interested. I really lacked a good girl friend the rest of my high school years. Well I made it through although it was a rocky time at school and at home.
I was "going out" with a guy two years younger than me when I went off to college. We wrote letters and missed each other desperately. I was at Pensacola Christian College and it was very strict!! I was so homesick! I was also only 17 when I graduated so I was just too young to be away from home yet. When I got back home for Christmas I begged to stay home and thankfully was allowed to. While I was at college my parents marriage fell apart. This resulted eventually in my break up and my younger sisters pregnancy. My parents after being separated awhile did get back together.
During all of that I just decided within myself that I would not let any guy hurt me again. I would have fun but no one was going to get to my heart. This has affected my life in such a great and hurtful way.
I will just continue this background stuff until I get to the present day. However, in the present day, I am a homeschooling mom of two great kiddo's and I must go get to it.
Heather Kay

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