Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Little Background

I was raised in church every time the doors were open and led a very sheltered, fun little life.

When I was 13 my world started to change. From kindergarten I was in a very small Christian school where everyone was much like a family. I had 8 friends who had all been there from the beginning with me. Our principle was so wonderful and had a huge influence on me. He was very understanding and really loved to teach. My thirteenth summer he fell asleep at the wheel and was killed instantly. His little boy who was 5 lived but had brain damage afterward.

I believe everyone has a story and I really enjoy hearing other peoples story. I am one of those friends who always listens. In a large way this is my own fault as I am a private person. I think I am going to enjoy having this outlet for my story.


Heather Kay

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